What to Expect on a Seamist Fishing Charter

Passengers are picked up from the South Bay Marina, and all fishing equipment needed for the day will be ready on-board. All charters begin with an introduction to the crew and a safety briefing. Safety is a priority, and our friendly crew will assist you with everything from putting on a life jacket, to unhooking your fish.

For those participating in the full day charter, a B.B.Q. breakfast is provided.  We offer personalised charter trips, and cater to individuals, family groups, social groups, and fishing clubs.

Children are welcome and we encourage parents and caregivers to “take a kid fishing”, only charging half the adult fare for children under 16. 

We have life jackets for all sizes, and focus on boat safety and safe fishing practices. We can provide as much instruction as you need to get you started and begin your fishing adventure.

During your trip there will be plenty of fishing at one or more fishing spots, chosen by our experienced skippers, based on their expert knowledge of the Kaikoura area. 

Kaikoura is well known as the home of crayfish, and no charter would be complete without lifting a couple of pots. Our crew will also teach you the correct way to bait pots and how to measure Kaikoura’s most famous seafood.

While travelling to and from fishing spots passengers can take in the spectacular scenery of the Kaikoura coastline, along with all its marine wildlife.

Any fish you catch will be prepared for you to take home, whether you want your fish whole, or filleted.